Andoru's Kendo Blog

Monday, February 27, 2006

Doh exercises

Last Sat's training at SKC was unorthodox. We did heaps of suburi style exercises to be followed by 100 doh cuts (both sides, with side-stepping movement) as well as 100 men-kaeshi-doh cuts (both sides with similar movement). Nurlin was my partner. Took sometime trying to get into the swing of things but ultimately enjoyed the experience. Didn't hit Nurlin's armpits at all hehe.

Jigeiko with Taek has always been a good learning experience. He's such a strong player who forces me to lift my game. Learned heaps in 5 mins.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Everyone deserves a fresh start

I think it's safe to say, on reflection, that 2005 wasn't as good a kendo year as it could have been for me. Plagued by various injuries, PhD deadlines, girlfriend issues (and there were many), I'd lost some degree of motivation along the way.

But what made me update this blog now is because I strongly believe that I have my (old) life back now, after resolving the issues that used to haunt me. I enjoy kendo and the companionship of my kendo friends, and I will continue to attempt to unravel the mysteries that are the essences of kendo.

As John Locke said in Lost: "Everyone deserves a fresh start."