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Monday, September 12, 2005


A new word I learned today:

Ki-me (n.) 1. A decision. 2. Finishing a strike or thrust decisively. 3. Resolution to complete an Ippon. 4. The delicate action of hand movement at the moment of a strike or thrust's impact.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Here's what Gendzwill sensei wrote in this thread:

"Here's the key points I usually make when teaching this:

The fumikomi on the kote should be much lighter than on the men. If you have a strong fumikomi, then your motion will tend to stop and you'll have kote, then men rather than kote-men. So think light. You can also say "te-men" rather than "kote-men" to emphasize this. Remember that most of the action is with the left hand. Keep it light on the kote and let the shinai naturally rebound up so that you're ready for men. The right hand should just be moving on a steady path towards the kote and then smoothly up towards men rather than pulling back. Make sure you get a nice little rhythm with the light kote and stronger men - pa-PUM, not BAM-BAM."